Developments in Mattress Technology to Look Out For

Developments in Mattress Technology to Look Out For

While the pioneers may have slept on mattresses that were filled with chicken feathers; today, we have better choices. Technological developments in mattress design have created an array of options. Now you can select from a variety of mattresses that help you sleep better while also improving your overall health.

Mattresses that Cool or Warm Your Body

Bedroom temperature can have a huge impact on the quality of your sleep. Mattress design technicians have developed mattresses that can sense the temperature of your body while you are sleeping. They then know whether the technology must work to warm or cool your body, helping you to sleep better. Brands we carry such as Serta, Zedbed, Tempur-Pedic, Mlily, and Kingsdown have some of the most advanced cooling gels.

Pocketed Springs in the Mattress

If you’re like most people, you don’t wake up in the same position that you fell asleep in. You likely move around throughout the night. This can lead to feeling uncomfortable when you are sleeping on a regular mattress. But if you buy an individually pocketed spring mattress, the surface of the mattress will adjust. It conforms to your body’s many positions, leading to restful sleep. Try our sleep quiz to find the right mattress and pillow for you.

New Types of Latex Foam

Scientists have developed new types of latex foam that are suitable for mattresses, and when shopping for a mattress you can select the variety that is best for your body. The different latex types include natural, synthetic or blended, and within these choices, there are additional varieties available, such as organic or polyfoam. Here’s our selection of latex products.

Compression Mattresses

Several companies offer compressed mattresses, easy for ordering online for delivery to your home. These memory foam mattresses arrive at your home with the air compressed from the item, and you must unroll them right away so that the memory foam fills with air and expands to its intended size.

Adjustable Mattresses

More mattress manufacturers are creating adjustable mattresses that are easy for the average consumer to use at home. These mattresses are helpful for a variety of health conditions, including reducing snoring or alleviating back pain. Many of these are designed for multiple sleepers meaning the mattress will adjust to the body shape and positioning of each individual.

Gel Foam Topper Mattresses

Mattresses with a Gel foam topper are one of the newest types of mattresses found in stores, and the gel material offers several benefits. Gel can alleviate back, neck and hip pain along with helping to circulate the air around your body while you are sleeping. The gel toppers on these types of mattresses also conform to your body shape quickly while you move around throughout the night.

Are you interested in learning more about these types of mattresses and even trying them out in-person? Contact us at Sleep Shop.

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